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Fueled by Music Promotions was born in January of 2008 as a small project between friends to help bands get the recognition they deserved. Throughout 2008 we achieved so much from interviewing some of the best bands around, running our own online ezine and having a following of more than 1000. Unfortunatley we went through some bad times and had to take a big break which pretty much messed the whole project up...but now we're back and more determined than ever!

We tend to update the music page...well whenever we have time! Check back frequently or join our myspace to get updates: Click here to go to Myspace.

At the moment we are looking for writers. Note, this is for experience only. We're starving artists, we can't pay you, but if you are interested in writing for us, send your inquiries to trends@rmfashiondesign.com

Featured Music Articles

twenty twenty bandTwenty Twenty, is a three member band that only recently just formed. Trends had an exclusive interview with the band, check it out.
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dan elsonIf you're tired of that so called "music" on the radio, then let me introduce you to Dan Elson. Dan Elson has a quirky music style. He doesn't write songs about love or relationships, instead he writes about beards and monkies. Intrigued?
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mission veoThis issue we had the steamy interview with The Mission Veo. BEWARE: This interview will make you want to take a cold shower afterwards. WOO!
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carmireliEver wondered what it's like to monitor a band's myspace? Carmireli's myspace monitor, Nat, tells us all about it.
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strike 19s Fueled by music also had an interview with one of our #1 supporting bands, The Strike Nineteens. This is their second interview with us, and we are proud to introduce them to our newest readers.
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Quickie Review

Pop/rock band, Buzz Radio is probably unknown to most of the world, but it is one of the few bands the world needs to hear.
Their new album, So Sad About Us, is never boring. Each song is different, and kudos to the song writer.
The first song, which happens to also be the title of the album, is ecstatic and catchy. The third song, Donít Make a Fool Out of Me, is my favorite song of the whole album. It starts off slow, and gradually turns into up-beat tempo. Overall the combination of all four songs creates an enjoyable ensemble, that I would recommend to any music lover.
-Rachel of Fueled by Music

Buzz Radio's Myspace